We are about  improved performance.......in the virtual environment ...................yours!

Since 2002, we have offered workshops, classes and products to help improve the virtual workplace. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in their fields. Our classes are designed using the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, human factors and best practices in training and learning.

Our Mission

Our classes blend synchronous and asynchronous environments and offer individuals, trainers, faculty, employees and managers a chance to experience performance improvement their way.

We provide programs, products and research for improved performance. Our mission is to help you use technologies to your advantage and to work and learn in the virtual world comfortably and effectively. We want you to be successful.  

Do you want to improve performance and create a virtual workplace that engages, that is easily monitored, and positively impacts the organization? Are you committed to improved virtual performance but not really sure what makes the difference? The most important thing is understanding the environment and your people: How they feel? How they think? What they do?
— Dr. Bobbe Baggio, CEO, Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc.

A few people we've worked with...